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What to Expect With a School Uniform

Parents who are about to send their children to school expect that a school uniform will be required. The purpose of establishing a uniform for children is to help the kids focus less on what they are wearing and more on their studies and the tasks at hand in their learning environment. While each school differs in the specifics of its school uniform, there are a few basic things you can expect.

Most uniforms have one or two colours. The school might have grey and black uniforms, or light blue and navy blue. Some schools have red uniforms, green uniforms and others incorporate white. The different pieces also depend on the school. Usually, boys will be required to wear black or grey trousers with a shirt in either white or blue; schools with a stricter uniform code might require ties. Girls are often required to wear dresses, skirts or trousers in dark colours, with a white blouse or polo shirt. The uniform is also likely to include a jumper or blazer. Collars are almost always required on a school uniform.

Many uniforms have logos, and you will have to order them directly from the school or its supplier, for example school uniform shop. Other schools will allow you to buy the uniform pieces anywhere. Some places will have a different uniform for different times of year. For example, students might wear a warmer jumper in the winter. Separate uniforms for physical education classes are also used in some schools. Your kids might have to change into the required PE clothes on the days they have that class.

Many experts, students and parents see pros and cons to implementing a school uniform policy. While it can create an atmosphere of equality and homogeny at school, some people find it stifles creativity.