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Utilize Windows Movie Maker in Teaching and Learning

Education is a necessity for everyone who lives in this world. A person’s education will represent the quality and also the productivity of their work. With high quality education, they will survive in this era when science and technology is growing rapidly. Along with the advancement of technology in various fields, the computer has demonstrated its ability to help solve the human problems. In relation to education, computers also can be used as a teaching and learning media. That media can enhance learner’s interest in some subjects, however the use of the computer for this purpose have to be accompanied with the necessary computer awareness.

One of the most valuable software available for education is the Windows Movie Maker. This software is free and doesn’t have any hidden charges. That’s why some education experts recommend this software as learning media. Windows Movie Maker is a multimedia processing software from Microsoft. This free software is capable to create high quality movies. It’s bundled in Windows ME, Windows XP and Windows Vista. Since Windows Movie Maker was launched, it has helped professionals in many different fields and students as well, including learning media procurement. Actually, this free software is very resourceful because it is easy to use once the users learn how to use the Windows Movie Maker properly in order to create a fun learning process.

Learning with Windows Movie Maker happens through the use of serialized photos or videos, and can also be combined with voice or text. That’s one of the reasons why using Windows Movie Maker is the way to make the learning process more interesting. In order to become proficient, teachers must be trained to operate this software, at least on how to combine photos or images, especially nowadays when most countries in the world take advantage of technology-based education. The technology-based education is emphasis for faculty of education and the main goal is to train the teachers to utilize new tools in their teaching process and acquaint students to technology. The focus to train new graduates on how to utilize Windows Movie Maker has been great, however, how are older teacher receiving and utilizing new technologies, especially Windows Movie Maker?

Older teachers sometimes are reluctant to try a new method of teaching. They have already mastered their method and are opposed to the idea of changing it to adapt to the new generations. Some of these teaching methods have been proven inefficient to some subjects but have shown good outcomes when taught with technology-based tools. Therefore, older teacher must be promptly trained to utilize the technology, with the main focus towards Windows Movie Maker.