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Top Elements That A Successful E-Commerce Project Can’t Do Without

More often than not, proficient e-commerce resumes to a website featuring a great product, brilliant design and an amazing domain. Without denying that these three factors have an important role to play in the equation, there are still other essential elements that can make or break an e-commerce project, as you are about to find out.

1. A post-launch marketing strategy
In all fairness, nobody can expect an avalanche of orders simply because they provide customers with a new method of acquiring their products. Because potential customers need to find out first, you must identify a method of getting your newly launched e-commerce website to them. To put it simply, to turn your project into a success you should plan for a post-launch strategy.

Although you’re bound to reach many interested users via offline advertising, newsletters, SEO, pay-per-click, etc., you should continue to improve your website. In fact, enhancing your site is an ongoing process that entails continuous testing and tweaking, in accordance to your visitors’ behavior patterns.

2. Optimal product categorization
Even when you don’t have a wide variety of products in your inventory, providing users with a simple and clear route to a product is still essential. In case you do have numerous items, then adding filters or a faceted navigation system becomes mandatory. To make sure you’re offering the best user experience, you have to determine the most important features based on which customers would want to filter what’s on your site. For example, if you’re selling clothes, then you should include filters that permit users to locate their favorite item in accordance to size and color.

On a side note, if you decide not to introduce filters, then your best bet is to refrain from dividing the product range too much. Then, don’t put too many items in a single category, so visitors can actually find them.

3. Ongoing site management
As previously mentioned, managing the e-commerce website is a continuous process. Based on the visitors’ reactions and the sales, you might have to perform modifications such as adding better and clearer descriptions, using higher quality photos or updating the home page. Keeping the content fresh is by far the most challenging task in this sense. However, it is critical for an e-commerce site that wants ongoing customers. Don’t forget that content also keeps search engines ‘interested’, making your website easier to discover.

Maintaining an online shop might not involve the same practices as its brick and walls counterpart. Nevertheless, you simply can’t afford to allocate just 5 minutes of your time per week for this practice either.

4. Timely delivery
According to statistics, one of the most viewed pages of an e-commerce website is the delivery section. Since almost all customers will access it, take the time to provide clear, concise and easy to understand information regarding your delivery policy. In addition to price, you should consider including time estimates and extra options in terms of delivery. For example, you could provide fixed dates, fast-track or in-store reservation services, as they’re all highly convenient and appreciated by modern customers. Lastly, conduct some research about reliable delivery services and refrain from choosing a provider based on pricing alone.

5. Excellent customer service
Although customer service is often overlooked, its importance stems from the fact that it helps you engage visitors and build long-term business relationships. Having a service that is always on, and ready to address questions and issues is what usually assists e-commerce sites in sealing a deal. Regardless of whether you opt for live chat, a ticketing system, use social media or provide quick Outlook access, the idea is the same; don’t forget to inform your staff about the implementation and make them aware of how it fits in with the rest of your operations.

6. Reliable return policy
In addition to excellent customer service, it is recommended to plan on how you’re going to deal with returns, complaints and even credit card fraud. To avoid getting caught off guard the first time it happens, take the time to establish a steadfast strategy regarding how client paperwork should be handled. By organizing the data you send to your customers, you can eliminate a lot of nuisance, and save clients time and money in the long run.

Your Home May Even Look Much More Beautiful with Wall Decals

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Finding the Right Banner of Various Concepts

In an exhibition, every company can put x banners stands with the various concepts. The big question is: can it endure in the long period? So far, most of the banners have a problem with quality, including how it will be easily torn or blown off. Meanwhile, the situation in an exhibition would not be easy to guess, including if there are many visitors with a variety of behavior. People can be wrong foot, and destroy stands. However, it is not the fault of the visitors. Still, it is the fault of the company’s incompetence in choosing the banner design.

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The Required Tools to Succeed in the Interior Design World

interior design schools

The interior design world is one filled with competition and ladder climbing. In order to compete in this highly competitive industry, you will have to develop a number of skills that will help you stay ahead of the curve. You will need to have expert level communication and intrapersonal skills, you must receive training from a prestigious institution and you must hone your employment gaining skills. Once these three crucial factors are in place, you will be prepared to succeed in the interior design world.

Sharpen Your Communication and People Skills

Interior designers work closely with a vast amount of people. Learning how to communicate effectively, both written and orally, is vital to succeeding in this industry. Interior designers that neglect this skill set will find themselves not receiving repeat work and will watch their careers suffer. An interior designer will regularly have to communicate and work with:

  • Clients and customers
  • Vendors and suppliers
  • Contractors and construction workers
  • Bosses and coworkers
  • Building managers and property owners

Interior design is far from an isolated industry and being able to communicate effectively is essential. You must be able to courteously convey your design ideas to each of the above individuals. You must also do this while avoiding being rude or abrupt. These skills may take years to cultivate, however, they are essential to lasting success in this industry.

Receive Prestigious Training

While many people have a natural gift for interior design, it will be near impossible to find employment based solely on talent. You must receive training from a prestigious educational institution in order to remain competitive. Even after you have received your degree, you will need to receive ongoing education to ensure that you are trained in up to date business practices. There are many interior design schools to choose from, so be sure that you find a school that:

  • Carries an element of prestige and recognition within the interior design industry.
  • Has produced numerous successful designers that speak highly of the school.
  • Offers training in up-to-date technologies that will help create an effective interior designer.

As you go through your training, you will also be exposed to professionals from many different companies and walks of life. Connect with these individuals and help make them a vital asset to your success as you graduate and seek employment.

Prepare for Employment

During and after your formal training as an interior designer, you will need to prepare for employment. Preparing for employment means sharpening your interview skills, creating an expertly crafted resume and portfolio and networking constantly.

  • Interview Skills – A hiring manager for an interior design firm is looking for someone that is positive, upbeat and fun to work with. It’s easy to find a designer that requires the right technical skills, however if they are difficult to work with, then they are an undesirable applicant. As you interview for these various jobs, prepare yourself by maintaining a positive outlook on life.
  • Prepared Resume and Portfolio – You should always have an up-to-date resume and portfolio ready and waiting for any prospective employee. You never know when one of your connections will be able to provide you a with a job opportunity. When you hear, “send us over a resume and portfolio,” you do not want to enter a state of panic. Have your resume and portfolio ready to send at a moment’s notice.
  • Network, Network, Network – Networking has always been a vital element of the interior design world. It is now more important than ever. Begin preparing for your new career by taking part in social networks as you go through school and be ready to ask for employment once you’ve received your degree.

You Can Build a Stable Future

A carpenter requires precise tools in order to create a breathtaking work of art. Likewise, an interior designer needs to have expertly crafted tools in order to build a fruitful career. As you embark on this exciting career in this competitive industry, do not neglect specialized training, employment skills or intrapersonal skills. By carefully calibrating each of these tools, you will be prepared for a successful career as an interior designer.

Allen Graves is a contributing writer and professional interior designer for 13 years. Albert moved to New York City after earning his degree and landed a few internships before he was offered a permanent position at a high profile firm in Manhattan.

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