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On-line Education and learning

Almost every student that is attending college is continuously online searching for information on assignments and projects. Depending on what major you will be choosing will determine how much you will need to use a computer. If you are going into the medical field and are in a post grad or undergrad program, you will be required to do a lot of reading in text books as well as research new and upcoming topics. Pursuing any type of medical career will take a lot of work, whether it is completing your master of nursing online or finishing up the last few courses with a healthcare degree online, it’s going to take a lot of time and effort. For some students, being online and finishing their education that way is their only option. A lot of people who work full time or have children choose to finish their master of nursing online since it is more realistic for them. Then again, some people like to get out of the house and go sit in a class for a few hours each week to get away from the chaos. It is remarkable to think that over the last few years that going to school online is one of the most popular options with students. With almost any given university, you can find over 100,000 people attending throughout the year.

Going to school online to further your education is a good choice for nontraditional individuals. A lot of people who choose to go to school are older people who are juggling a fulltime career with obligations to their new family. As stated above, this form of education makes it possible for them to study at their convenience. Keep in mind, you will still have deadlines for assignments but it is easier than traditional school if you have the drive. Going back to school after starting a career is a trend that most people are starting to follow. A lot of people do not want to spend money on a degree that they later decide they have no interest in. Unless you are going into the medical field where it requires a degree to start a career, you can usually get your foot in the door before going back to school. If you already have a career in the business industry, sometimes your employer or boss will recommend that you go back to school and get your MBA degree. Which will most likely resort in a pay raise and no one can complain about that. Some elderly people may choose to go back to school for enjoyment or to open up new doors of opportunities. Most community colleges will offer some type of program that does not count as a credential but simply to learn a new skill or hobby.

Some individuals who want to go back to school don’t see how it is feasible to even consider paying for classes. Especially if they have a good paying job but don’t make enough to justify forking over thousands of dollar for a degree. Regardless of how old you are, there is always some type of credit you can get when it comes to affording school. The thing is you have to look and be aware of opportunities. Going to school online is recommended for people trying to balance work, family and other obligations. Online school is generally a lot cheaper and is more flexible than most programs.

Another reason why online education is a good option is because it gives undergrads a chance to work on their masters or doctorate certification while starting their new job in their profession. Given that most undergrads have some type of debt owed from the years before, continuing to go to school will delay the debt and you can pay it off once you are completely finished with school. If you have been going to college on campus since you were a freshman, then going to school online is going to be a bit of a culture shock. The only interaction that you have is with your professor. Half of the time you don’t even know any of the students in the class.

A Quick Guide to Help You Along the Way to Earning Your MSN

Way to Earning Your MSN

Are you a nurse who is just starting out on the path to earning your MSN in Clinical Leadership? Or do you want to know everything there is about becoming a clinical nurse leader before enrolling in a master’s degree program? Registered nurses, who feel as though they can help more people in an upper management role, would benefit immensely by earning their degree in clinical nursing. If that sounds like a career you would be interested in, then you should read this quick guide to earning this master’s degree.

What Do I Need to Enroll in the MSN Program?

First, to be eligible to enroll in a clinical leadership program, you must be an active, licensed registered nurse in your state. The admissions process is highly selective, depending on which school you choose to attend, so you need to be properly prepared before you send in your admissions application. For the master’s degree program in clinical leadership, you must send your official transcripts from your previous schooling. You also need to have a GPA of 3.0 or above. In addition to these requirements, you also need to provide at least two letters of recommendation, as well as a personal statement, your current resume and an official copy of your professional nursing license.

What Type of Financial Aid Do I Qualify For?

When you decide to enroll in a master’s program in clinical leadership in nursing (or any other master’s program) you can talk to your financial aid or admissions counselor to review your financial aid options. Chances are, you are familiar with the different types of financial aid that are available to you, but if it’s been a decade or two and you’re returning to the world of higher education, then you may need a refresher course. You will need to fill out a FAFSA, also known as the Free Application for Student Aid. This will determine how much federal financial aid you can receive to go towards your master’s degree tuition.

The federal government offers subsidized and unsubsidized student loans; you may be eligible for additional grants and scholarships that are offered through the school, too. If you need additional funds to pay for your tuition, then you can ask your present employer if they have a tuition reimbursement program or you can opt to take out private student loans. However, you need to keep one crucial thing in mind about private student loans:  they have higher interest rates and stringent repayment terms.

What if I Don’t Want To Stop Working Full-Time?

You don’t have to:  a great thing about earning your MSN degree is that you can do it while you are working full-time as a RN, because there are plenty of online programs available. You can complete the assignments on your own time and work around your busy schedule. All you need to do is simply complete the courses to the best of your ability by the due dates that are listed in the course syllabus. Earning your degree online is easier than traveling to a traditional college campus and sitting in a classroom for hours as well:  commuting may not be an option with your busy work schedule. You can read the materials whenever you have the chance and complete the assignments from the comfort of your own home.  It’s quite plausible to earn your MSN in Clinical Leadership in just two years,should you choose to attend on a full-time basis.

You are now somewhat more familiar with the overview of how a MSN in Clinical Leadership works, as well as the requirements and the possible financial aid options. If you are passionate about both helping and leading people, then a career as a clinical nurse leader is a viable option for you.


Amy Bryant is enrolled in a nursing masters program online, which allows her to keep working as a pediatric nurse full-time. She has been passionate about medicine ever since she was a volunteer at a children’s hospital in high school. 

Is International Business Just a Catch-All Term?

MBA International Business

If you are interested in earning ambadegree with a specialization towards international business, then you may already be starting to research what types of career opportunities are available to you once you graduate. The field of international business has grown in leaps and bounds in the last decade alone, as the advent of global ecommerce solutions and the internet has given rise to incredible new opportunities for students who graduate with their mba in international business.

Because there are more ports of entry each day for international business professionals, the problem you may run into today is deciding which area of international business you want to specialize in. While some still use the phrase “international business” as a catchphrase to describe any profession or career that requires interaction of an international nature, this is fast becoming an outdated way of thinking. That’s because the field of international business becomes more specialized and more sophisticated. Learn what the term “international business” means today and find out more about the opportunities in this emergent field.

International Business Is…

Defining “international business” can be approached from a global or microcosmic perspective. From a global perspective, it is correct that the term refers to any transactions that are conducted between two individuals or companies who inhabit two separate and discrete countries, regions or governments. The key in identifying and defining an international business transaction from a global perspective is to verify that the two entities are aligned with different regions.

For instance, if two individuals or companies transact business that spans from Iowa to California, this is intra-national business. But if those same two individuals or companies come from the United States and China, respectively, this is international business. From a microcosmic perspective, the field of international business can be broken down into different areas of specialization within the field itself, including legal, finance, accounting, marketing, sales and environmental, as well as specific business issues as they relate to language and communications differences, import and export tariffs and taxes, political climate, foreign exchange rates, cultural background and social mores, and other nuances of the field.

Where Do You Take International Business?

Various different fields need the skills and education of international business professionals; one of the fastest -growing specialty areas within the field of international business is tourism. Another is ecommerce/technology and yet another is entrepreneurship. Because both in the United States and abroad more individuals are choosing to work for themselves and start their own businesses, and international commerce is a rich arena for going into business, there is a need for consultants that can advise new business owners on the intricacies of doing business with another region, government or country.

One nuance that is often overlooked when entrepreneurs are launching a new business is the need to know as much about policies, procedures, regulations, taxes and tariffs, licensure and certification, and other issues pertinent to the home country as they do about the foreign country with which they plan to do business. Here as well, international business consultants can earn a profitable living advising solopreneurs and corporate clients in the facets of the field such as finance and accounting, legal issues, and politics.

In the Era of Globalization

Some individuals and companies choose to focus on doing business with only one other region or country, while others may choose to become “multi-national.” That means that business is conducted with a number of different regions or countries. This increases the challenge and complexity of the international business professional’s job and can increase salary commensurately as well. There is a great need as well for portfolio and investment managers who understand international business and can sort out the intricacies of investing in foreign operations, managing currency exchange, and understanding how markets work in other countries.

It is important to understand as well that you do not have to live abroad in order to go into international business as a career. You may find yourself advising clients who wish to invest into or open new operations in other regions or countries, or you may spend your career building lucrative retirement portfolios that include international investment options in real estate, precious metals, energy, or other popular areas for your clients. International business is an exciting, ever-expanding field, and once you earn your international business mba, you will have a variety of rewarding, long-term careers to choose from.


About the Author:   Karl Kehola was born in England, but he immigrated to the United States with his family as a young boy and has lived here ever since. He is an MBA student.

Do You Need a MBA?

MBA Degree

These days, with the economy stalling and jobs still hard to come by, many people are looking to advanced degrees as a way to rise above the competition. Graduate school enrollments especially in programs leading to MBA degrees are at record levels and show no signs of slowing.

However, not everyone agrees that an MBA is a ticket to career success, cautioning that the investment of time and money required for a degree may not be worthwhile in the long run. They point out that the MBA does not equate to career success, pointing to phenomenally successful people who do not have degrees, such as Richard Branson or the late Steve Jobs.

While you can always find exceptions to every rule, that doesn’t mean you should rule out seeking an online MBA degree. The benefits of seeking a master of business administration can extend well beyond the practical knowledge you gain in the classroom, and influence the rest of your career and life as a whole.

No MBA? Don’t Even Apply

In some fields, you need a MBA degree to even qualify to apply for jobs. Strategic planning, consulting, finance and investment positions generally require applicants to hold an advanced degree before they even apply for a job; without that degree, your resume won’t even be considered.

In other fields, the MBA may not be required, but the advanced knowledge and experience that you gain through your studies can give you an edge. For example, if you want to work in healthcare administration, it’s possible to land a job with a bachelor’s degree and some experience, but you won’t reach the upper levels and those big salaries without a degree.

And not only does holding a the MBA open up opportunities for positions, when you graduate from a business program, you’ll get access to your school’s career service department and the resources available there resume and application assistance, job postings and introductions to recruiters and employers.

Personal Growth

While improved career prospects are certainly appealing to many prospective MBA students, many students and graduates in a recent survey listed personal growth as a major benefit of completing the program. Finishing an advanced degree program requires a great deal of personal commitment and sacrifice; for example, are rigorous and challenging programs requiring many hours of study every week. Students who complete graduate programs often have a great deal of pride in their accomplishment, as well as confidence in their abilities and knowledge.

Building a Network

Another benefit to seeking an advanced business degree? The chance to build a strong network of personal and business contacts. Whether you attend courses online or in person, you’ll have the chance to meet and work with other students and professionals from all over the world. These people can become integral parts of your business network and the work that you do for your courses will introduce you to people who could become instrumental in your future career. Many business schools offer active alumni networks, as well, with regular meetings, parties and job fairs for members to give them the chance to interact and share ideas and resources.

Concentrate on Your Passion

When you enter a MBA program, you generally have the opportunity to choose an area of concentration, such as finance, marketing or leadership. If you have a passion for a particular subject area, or want to open up new career prospects, a master of business administration degree allows you to improve your foundation of basic business knowledge while also gaining extensive knowledge in a specific subject area. Concentrating in a particular area shows your interest in a particular area or job function, and allows you to explore a passion.

When you are considering whether or not to go back to school, it might be tempting to be swayed by those with the opinion that a program is not worth it. However, only you and you alone can decide whether a degree is worthwhile or not. Carefully consider your interests, career goals and personal goals, and your available time and money before you choose to enroll. When you enter the program with the right expectations and set realistic goals, chances are you’ll find that getting the MBA was one of the best decisions you ever made.

About the Author: Carolyn Grant made the huge switch from human resources to marketing and decided to earn her MBA. She is currently working on receiving it from an online program.

Choosing the Best Online Degree for Your Future

Masters in Criminal Justice

Making the decision to obtain a degree is one of the best things a person can do to secure their future. Earning a degree in a specialized field can be a life enriching experience. It will allow a person to get a better job and it will allow them to create a better future for themselves and their family.

Without any kind of specialized degree, a person can expect to earn just over one million dollars in their lifetime. People who earn a bachelor’s degree can expect to earn just over two million dollars in their lifetime and a master’s degree can earn a person well over four million dollars during their lifetime. That in itself is incentive to invest in your postgraduate education!

Earning a specialized degree means much more than earning more money, though. It gives a person the chance to get educated in a specialized field and secure a better future for themselves. The job market is a tough place and people without any kind of specialized degree have very little chance of securing a good steady job. Choosing the right degree is extremely important. It takes proper planning and a life commitment; here are some things to think about before choosing a specialized degree.

Know What It Is You Want

The most important decision for any person that is choosing a specialized degree is knowing exactly what they want from life. This can be an extremely difficult challenge, especially for younger people. They may not know exactly what they want out of life, and the wrong choices can get them stuck in a career that they really don’t enjoy. This is no way to live your life. Choose a degree in a field that you know you will enjoy for the rest of your life.

Research Everything You Can

Once a career choice has been made, the next step is to properly research everything about that career. Here are some questions that a person must have the answers to before they decide to make that career choice.

  • Is there room for growth?
  • How is the pay?
  • Is there a demand for this career choice?
  • What kind of specialized training other than a degree is needed for this career choice?
  • Are there a lot of companies hiring people with this type of degree?
  • Where can I obtain this degree?
  • Talk to others with the same degree, and ask plenty of questions.

These are some basic questions that will help anyone research which degree is right for them, but it never hurts to get the advice of a career counselor.

What Does a Career Counselor Do?

A career counselor will be able to help anyone make the right choices for their future. Career counselors are much like career coaches. They are highly educated and they know which career choices are the best. A career counselor may also be able to help a person who recently received a degree land a good job.

Should You Take the Online Route?

Many people are choosing online degrees instead of attending a regular brick and mortar university. There are several advantages to choosing an online degree. The most notable advantage is choice. Online schools offer many different online degree choices. For a person that is choosing a career in law enforcement, they may want to choose to pursue a Masters in Criminal Justice. A person that has chosen to help others by being an RN may want to look at an online msn program. There are also online degrees in business management, accounting, education, computer engineering or computer science. The range of career paths and career choices is truly huge.

Is Attending Online College Right For You?

One of the biggest conveniences of earning a specialized degree online is the freedom to learn at your own pace. Online courses don’t always follow a set schedule. A person that is attending a regular brick and mortar school may have a very difficult time balancing work and school. There will be schedule conflicts that will cause them to be late for classes, or even miss the class entirely. Online courses do not have this problem. Attending an online course means that you can attend class when it is convenient for you. If you want to attend class at two o’clock in the morning from the comfort of your bed, then you can do that. This freedom can be dangerous if a person is not responsible, diligent and dedicated.

Taking the advice from these tips can be the difference in a lifelong career that a person loves of a lifelong career that feels more like a prison sentence.


About the Author:  Mike Franks is currently enrolled in a MSN bridge program. Although he finds this to be extremely challenging, he also has discovered how rewarding the medical profession can be.