What is Advanced Mezzanine Cards? Advanced Mezzanine Cards, also we known as AdvancedMC is a PCB (Printed Circuit Board) system with standard specification of PICMG that have more than 100 equipment manufacture, OEM Computer, Power Supply, Chasis and Connector and many more companies are participating. Advanced Mezzanine Cards is build for the next generation of communication equipment and work for any carrier card. Advanced Mezzanine Cards also we known, is smaller versions than Mezzanine Card.

There are several types AMC Cards depending of size and functions. Full Size, Middle Size, Compact Size and Hybrid or cutaway. Full size AMC Card allows component heights max at 23,15 mm, Middle AMC allow up to 14.01, Compact Module up to 8.18 mm, and hybrid depend of single or double module. Full size is most common type that use than the other

AdvanceTCA is form factor specification for Advance Mezzanine Cards or AdvancedMC . And AMC, is the “base” of the specification. Many spare part of computer use AMC standard specification. For example, AMC 1 for PCI Express also we know is use for VGA Card , AMC 2 for LAN/Ethernet that we use to connecting 2 or more computer include internet connection, AMC 3 for storage like a hard disk and floppy disk. And now, we also know a MicroTCA standard. Micro TCA will allow any AMC Card without AdvancedTCA carrier cards.

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