You can say that essays from the lecturers are one of the factors of college students’ stress. Well, basically, college students are always expected to write one essay in every lecture they are attending. However, anywhere, and anytime, essays are not almost always as easy as it may look, especially if the essays given to the students are piled up. Moreover, essays are always the hardest assignment to do, so it takes more time to do so. In result, you might lose your time to go out with friends because you are stuck with your writing. But that is a college student’s life, everyone assumes.

In some countries, essays are the most essential part of their education. Essays, which are also well known as what you call “papers”, for your lectures, actually have no clear definition themselves. However, usually essays are written explanation of something, or some problems form our own point of view. In addition, essays that you are weighted consist of the subjects following your major. It can be something about criticism of literature, political affairs, your own observations, reflections, some arguments, and many more. We are also pressured with originality. Each papers should be unique, and therefore students usually throw them away because of how tiring they are.

Essays which should be written in English, are indeed taking a lot of time. First off we should consider what we are going to write. Yes, choosing the right thesis statement for our project is the hardest things to do. This first step of writing a good academic writing can be the greatest obstacle for us to just stop writing. However, once we get the best of choice of thesis statement, the next obstacle are approaching—such as, you need to write it academically. Meaning, you have to leave the English that you speak in everyday life and start writing following the academic writing rules. Some regulation will lessen your score if your language is not as academic as it should be, like APA.

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