1. Pick A Place For Your Virtual Office With Minimal Distractions
A virtual office is designed to save you money over the cost of a rented office area. Because most virtual offices are based out of a home, there’s no additional overhead costs associated with a retail location. A virtual office location should be a place that’s quiet and with minimal distractions. This is very important, as the quality of work produced from the virtual office will suffer if there’s all kinds of distractions going on. This means no loud and recurring noises, no pets that constantly need tending to, and no children that need frequent attention.

2. Make The Virtual Office Environment Healthy/Comfortable
Making your home office work environment a healthy/comfortable place to work is important too, as the quality of the environment plays a roll in the quality of the work produced from the virtual office. This means keeping the air fresh during the summer and a humidifier going in the winter to keep the air moist and safe to breathe. Also, things should be kept neat and tidy so that the environment doesn’t get dusty, as dust can build up in the air and give the virtual office a dingy look and feel.

Aromatherapy can help to keep a virtual office environment smelling nice and can keep employees happy to be there. Plants can also help to alleviate the “dead” feeling in a room and make it more vibrant. Also, during breaks, watering the plants can make for a suitable stress relief activity.

3. Get A Professional Address Listing For Your Business
Instead of using the home address where the virtual office is actually located as your business address, virtual office owners should seriously consider renting a post office box or using a CMRA (Commercial Mail Receiving Agency) in order to have a corporate sounding address or suite number. A first impression can mean a lot for a virtual office owner. As strange as it may seem, many people aren’t willing to do business with a company that uses a home address as a correspondence. It may look unprofessional in the eyes of a client.

4. Have The Appropriate Hardware/Software Setup
No virtual office would be complete without appropriate hardware/software that allow them to complete their tasks both efficiently and on time.

Word Processing Software / Office Software – There’s a few options you can choose from when it comes to office and productivity software. Also, depending on what you’re doing, you might need a host of different tools to help you like AutoCAD software, etc. It all depends on what you need to accomplish, of course.

Printer – Being able to print documents from your virtual office is essential. Documents will need to be mailed and records kept. Choosing a printer that’s both high quality and cost efficient is key. Also, you should choose a printer that will be able to do what you need it to. For example, if you’re in need of printing color documents frequently, then make sure you’re printer is able to do that. Alternatively, if you’re into printing massive amounts of plain text or black and white pages, then ideally your printer should be able to print these documents in a cost efficient manner.

Digital Camera – Reports and presentations can require the use of a digital camera. Choosing one that’s both cheap enough to be affordable yet high quality enough to be worth it is a tough call. It will be your job to read the various descriptions of digital cameras and what they have to offer, then base your decision on your needs.

PC – The PC you choose for your virtual office has a lot to do with overall success. Choosing a PC that has high quality components is important. Learn which companies are making quality components if you’re building a custom PC will help ensure that it lasts a long time. Otherwise, if high performance for graphic or video intensive projects isn’t much of an issue, then you might consider a “bargain PC” from a retail store instead.

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