Bicycle insurance as a concept is still at nascent stage which is rather surprising considering the fact that some of the latest carbon fiber wheel-sets and bikes are worth thousands of Dollars, Euros or Pounds. Insurance providers are slowly cozying up to this emerging market. Thus, there will be many variations in the different bike insurance policies offered by various insurance providers.

For instance, one insurance provider might offer the insurance at around $5 on a monthly basis. However, this might not cover the public liability expenses that might occur during a mishap or an accident and this policy is designed for those who are concerned about bike theft. There are some policies that charge the insurance seeker around $ 15 on a monthly basis. These bike insurance policies provide public liability cover and not just damage or theft cover. Bicycle insurance is still an alien concept in many countries and there are hardly any price comparison online sites that provide comparison details on bicycle insurance policies. This can make difficult for you to choose a right insurance policy for your kids bicycle.

If your main objective of purchasing bicycle insurance is to keep it safe from thefts rather than having accident liability cover, then you should wisely go through the home contents policy or maybe call up the insurance provider to verify whether accident liability is also included in it, something which you do not require. If the insurance policy does not have the bicycle specified on it, then you will have a restricted amount to claim as insurance in an event of an unfortunate accident. However, if you have invested a big amount in purchasing the bicycle, then it is advisable that you also include the bicycle cover to the home contents section as an additional cover. Under most cases, the additional cover will be costing you around $10-$15 additional on a monthly basis. However, since the bicycle will be specified on the insurance policy, then you will have complete peace of mind if it is stolen or targeted by thieves.

When you are looking for a bicycle insurance policy, one critical thing to examine is whether the insurance cover also extends when the bicycle is kept at a far-off distance from home. Thousands of bicycles are stolen across the world from workplaces, parks and streets and owners are left helpless about the situation. When you have parked the bicycle away from home, then you should also make sure that it is always secured by a lock. No insurance provider will provide the claim amount if the bike was not secured by a lock.

NO matter what your need is for bicycle insurance, Protect your Bubble UK can be a good option to go with. It is one brand which is getting much popular these days and can be tried when looking for reliable insurance quote for your precious bicycle.

If you have purchased a Renters or a Household insurance, the very first thing you should check is whether the policy provides cover during travelling. If it does provide, then ensure sufficient coverage is also provided for your bicycle as a separate item and also go through any policy exclusions that may prevent you from claiming the insurance amount. If you plan to opt for separate travel insurance for the bicycle, then opt for a policy that offers maximum cover to the bike during transit.