Have you ever had annoying experience with some electronic stuff in your house like television, LCD monitor or computer? We must be very upset when we encounter some problems in our gadgets or electronic device in our home in the middle of our urgent job or in the middle of our lazy time. It must be more upset if we encounter such troubles when we have just purchased new device from the dealer. The very first thing we can do is to complain to the vendor or dealer. However, because of the internet, the process of complaining can be done very easily through a forum called consumer forum.

What is consumer forum? Consumer forum is a forum where we can submit our complaint and the vendor that receives our complaint can reply to our complaint. We don’t have to call the vendor if we make use of this forum. The process of submitting your complaints is very easy but you have to sign up at consumer court forum

There are several sub forums available in the website such as Computer & Accessories, Business & Finance, Automobile, Education, Entertainment and Recreation, Food & Beverages until Government service. So, start from now, you can make submit your complaints at consumercourtforum.in