Educational furniture should be considered an investment in the future of an institution so choosing high quality classroom furniture is top priority. Quality furniture plays a vital role in education and can even improve learning among students. It plays a key part in education and is necessary for students, faculty and staff members alike. School furniture includes desks, chairs, tables and shelves among many other pieces and the ingredients that make each piece quality depend on its particular functions.

Student and Faculty Desks
Both the students and faculty of a school use their desks as a primary piece of furniture in the learning process. Throughout the year desks take consistent and repetitive use so it is important to choose high quality materials and the best functionality possible for this particular piece. Use sturdy built designs with solid wood or reinforced particle board for the tops and steel in the framing for a desk that will stand up to year after year of abuse.

The desk’s top should be coated for protection of the woods to keep the furniture pieces free of graffiti, scratches and scuffs. Good looking furniture creates a positive environment and promotes better attitudes towards learning. In addition to lament coatings on the wood surfaces, desks for younger children grade school ages should have an added layer of safety with covered screw and rounded corners.

High Quality Classroom Seating
Students spend on average 6 or more hours each school day seated at desks while teachers often spend countless hours of overtime in addition to daily learning hours. Uncomfortable seating can actually lead to spinal and back problems in growing children and irritate a faculty members’ joint. Studies have shown that high school age students complaining of back problems show medical signs of the negative effects on spines through x-ray, victims of years in poor seating.

Uncomfortable seating can also make students restless which can affect their abilities to concentrate and absorb vital information. Student chairs should be contoured to meet the natural curves in the back and have bottom seating designed for hours of sitting. Teacher and faculty chairs should also be contoured but with an added layer of comfort in padded seating. Each faculty chair should have padded bottoms, backing and if possible arms as well. Computer chairs should also add comfortable seating as more schools transform during the technology age.

Many potential students and parents look at the quality of furniture when deciding to enroll in a school. A District that invests in its classroom seating and desks has a higher level of education to offer with better results and therefore receive the largest enrollment numbers.

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