Who can live without money? Nobody does. Everyone uses money for eating, studying, travelling, even sleeping since we have to buy any comfortable beds, perfectly laid down in a nice home, is that right?  The main proper word to say is that man uses money to survive and keeps alive, by purchasing any needs. To get money, people have to work, definitely. The problem is that nowadays, the short-cut to get money easier without having to count on the sweat falling down from man’s forehead, is man does some illegal business, simply to say as cheat or deception.

It is reported that a man named Ian Griffin, in his early twenties started his company named Harrington Brooks Accountants Ltd, which appeared first as Griffin Finance Ltd. Considering that he needed some help in running his business, two neighbors named Nick Holmes and Miles Grady were then appointed to be a salesman and book keeper. Not satisfy with the position, Nick Holmes did a favor, the better one that Ian soon took him as the Director. Both men, in fact, did not sincerely work and gave Ian their hands, but found themselves pleased to begin a cheat.

Around two years later, Nick and Miles asked for Ian’s shares that led him to the assumption if they sold the company. The whole income coming from the company was not shared what it’s supposed to be, even the owner, Ian didn’t know that. He just realized that he should have made a contract with Nick, asking his dealing with the signature. Being betrayed by the ones whom he had trusted, Ian wrote a complaint in certain complaining site to shame Nick and Miles. The feedback was fast, that on a few days later they mailed Ian saying that they were having Paymatters.Ltd. Ian got threatened since they lost their new business, Paymatters which is worth £45.000.000/year. This is just the little example of illegal business which is definitely inappropriate that can humiliate and destroy other people’s life. Thus, keep aware and try to give trust to the one deserve most.