From small shops to huge enterprises, one of the biggest expenses any company has is travel. Whether it’s hopping in the company car to make a delivery or pickup, or flying on a jet to Hongkong for a meeting, travel costs every business time and money. It also intrudes on the employees precious time away from work. The more time they spend at work, the less time they have to enjoy at home. Happy workers make for more productive employees, and that makes for happy employers. How improving your IT Efficiency can save you money is what this article and Storm IT is all about.

Connecting Your Business
With today’s technology, travel time in any business can be greatly reduced. Video conferencing, instant messaging, and having everyone connected will save time, money, and make employees feel more like part of the team. Pretend your company is an army, they all have different jobs but have the same goal. Everyone in an army works together as one. They all know what the other units are doing, where they are, how they can help, and when they will either get help or give it. They are all connected. That’s the way a company should be.

Connecting your workers together will make everyone more efficient, knowledgeable, and give them a sense of importance within the company. It encourages them to collaborate with each other, solve problems, and do their job better and quicker. That means more home time, and that means happier employees. Making video calls is a great way of communicating. Talking directly to, or with someone is much more compelling than an email. Employees should be encouraged to grasp this new technology and make it work for them. It can be explained to them simply, and they will learn that in today’s world, you don’t have to be a geek to operate some pretty cool stuff.

Benefits of Connectivity
Cutting down on your travel expenses will save you big bucks. With all your employees knowing where and what the others are doing, they can come up with a solution quickly to most problems. Or they can easily get in touch with the right person that may be needed. Managing documents and paperwork will also be a lot easier and less costly as well. Improving your IT efficiency will make your workers happier, and you happier.

Storm IT
If you are a business that is looking to cut back on costs and gain greater productivity out of your workers, you should be talking with Storm IT. When it comes to implementing new IT technology, they are the specialists. From small businesses to multi-site companies, providing you with IT services, support, and solutions to your IT problems is what Storm IT does best. They will monitor your new system, perform regular maintenance, and offer unlimited support through their Helpdesk. Their representatives will be there 24/7 to assist you with whatever you may need. Storm IT also offers administration, consulting services, and disaster recovery in case of a fire or some other major catastrophe.

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