If you are an HCPC registered healthcare professional, you will now know that it is mandatory for you to record you CPD (continuing professional development) in order for you to maintain your professional registration with the HCPC. In this article we explore the best way you can fulfill this requirement – using a computer to record your CPD online.

Many HCPC registrants and healthcare professionals find recording their CPD a chore and the thought of being selected for CPD audit daunting. It doesn’t have to be like this. A large number of people currently record their CPD using a traditional paper and pen method; they collect evidence of their development activities on paper either written by hand or typed and store this in a conventional lever-arch file. There are several disadvantages to this method, firstly you may want to record your CPD ‘on the go’ and if your folder is stuck at work when you have an idea at home you can not easily add to this. Secondly, your entire record of CPD may be destroyed in a fire and thirdly it takes up a lot of space. We are sure you can think of many other disadvantages as well if you take only 5 minutes to think about it. There is a better way – record your CPD online.

There are numerous advantages to recording your CPD online. If nothing else your data is held securely in the cloud but not only this, you can add to your ePortfolio from anywhere that you have an internet connection – imagine walking out of a seminar or conference and writing up a reflective statement on the train on the way home on your iPad, well this is reality. There is no chance to forget what you have learnt, just add this information on the go. Another advantage is the way in which most online CPD logging tools consist of a community that offer support and advice. There is no better way to learn than from your peers – learn online together and you will be swapping ideas in no time, this is something that you wouldn’t be able to do by yourself with your lever-arch file. One of the best sites that we have found and can endorse is http://www.cpd-online.com which offers all HCPC registered healthcare professionals an excellent, robust and secure environment for which to record your CPD online. What’s more is the fact that it is incredibly cheap! For only £9.99 you can access all the facilities available and in no time you will be wondering why on earth you persisted using pen and paper for so long!