Nursing is someone who works in the healthcare.  Who are focused on providing nursing services to individuals, families, groups or communities appropriate diagnosis of problems that occur from problems that are simple to the complex as well on their problem is noting the appropriate individuals within the context of the client’s life, nurses must be pay attention with their client appropriate significant needs of client. Nurse is used to the nursing processes to identify nursing diagnoses began physical from problem until psychologist problem.

Being a nurse is not easy, it is taking, patience and more importantly is the role of the professional nurse includes of caregiver, client advocate, counselor, educator, collaborator, coordinator change agent, consultant and interpersonal process.

Duty of a nurse is to assist clients and families in service delivery and in providing other information required to take consent (informed concern) for the actions of a given nursing .2 Maintaining and protecting the clients authority, nurses is community healthcare team to the longest contact with clients, so expect nurses to be able to defended a client’s advocate.

Authority of Clients include of authority for the best possible service, authority for information about the disease, Privacy authority , authority to self-determination, authority to receive compensation due to negligence on the correct information action, authority work in accordance standard,  Authority to the refused  relationship with client,  authority to reject actions that are less suitable and authority  to remuneration

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