Nowadays, shaping you career relies on the Internet so much. Most of the companies are looking for new employees on the Internet. And most of the professionals are looking for new opportunities for their careers.

Big career portals are being used for job advertisements but there are so much such portals that one can not find what he wants unless surfing all of those. Even some companies publish their job ads on their own websites and that makes it harder for people to see.

At this point, solution comes from big job search engines like Indeed, Monster and the newly one Jobdex. Those sites gather data from the other sources and serve the most popular and up-to-date job ads to the users. Users can also set alerts for the sectors/areas they want to be notified when new ads are added. This makes the job searching process easier.

Jobdex, is a little bit different from the other 2. The different comes from the source that the portal gathers data. Jobdex gets data from the social media. Job ads posted on Twitter, Facebook etc are also very important and what Jobdex do is serving them to the users under categories of Countries, Cities, Regions and Sectors. New features are said to come like Job alerts and detailed searches. But on this beta version, you can already see the most up-to-date ads under thousands of categories.

You better check those job search engines once in a while not to miss any opportunities on your career.