The two most important aspects of printer supplies are – looking for discount while shopping, and knowing a thing or two about troubleshooting while using them. A regular user of cartridges might experience some problems anytime. It can be a faulty cartridge but most of the times, it is a very small issue which can easily be solved by the user himself. The article provides information about what to do if your cartridge doesn’t work. Read on further to find out the most common problems that are faced by users and how they can be solved.

Printer is unable to read the cartridge
This problem occurs when the printer is unable to read the chip on the cartridge. The first thing that you need to check here is whether the tape has been removed from the chip or not. This is the most common mistake that users make, and is easily forgotten.

The next thing you need to check is whether the chip is clean or not. A finger print can also cause problems, therefore wipe the chip with a clean lint free cloth and reinsert the cartridge into the printer.

Another thing that you should do is check that the cartridge has been properly inserted or not. Sometimes, taking out the cartridge and reinserting it, does the trick as well.

If the problem persists, it could be that the chip is not functioning.

Cartridge doesn’t fit into the printer
Make sure that you have bought the correct cartridge for your printer. A lot of printers have quite similar names, so make sure that the cartridge that you buy is for the correct printer. This is a very common problem.

See if there are any clips that need to be removed. Check the cartridge for clips and remove any that you see before it is inserted into the printer. It might look like the compatible cartridge won’t fit, since it looks different than the original cartridge. But don’t worry, it will fit as they are made to the same size but look different due to copyright issues.

Cartridge say empty, when it still has ink
This problem occurs when the printer fails to recognize that there is still ink left in the cartridge. Some compatible cartridges contain more ink than the original ones; therefore the printers recognize that amount only. To fix this, all you need to do is switch off your printer for about 3 to 4 minutes. Once you switch it on, the printer will recognize that there is ink left in the cartridge.

Poor quality printing
When you print a page and the printing is poor quality or is broken, it usually means that there is a problem with the print head. This is very easily solved. Just run a head clean and the ink will run through the head better. Do not run more than two heads; otherwise you will be wasting ink. For more guidelines and information, view cartridgediscount and you will be able to know about range of products and different brands.