Education technology is common in school and it is a great things. Teachers that know educational technology will helps a student to learn more, learn faster and become more organized students. The limits are endless what a student can learn by successfully integrating educational technology degree into their studies. It is very important for the teacher to incorporate educational technology to classroom not only because of the educational benefits that comes from becoming very familiar with using technology as an educational tool, but because students respond well to technology.

Technology will help a lot to organize student, whether it on the computers, saving document to different folder, or creating organized and clearly written essay or utilize any of Microsoft program to enhances their documents skill, educational technology helps children to become more be  organize. By introduce the education technology, student will put their  entertainment devices away and be interested to learns and see what the new technology devices can do.

In the surveys, what surprise schools official and the non-profit organizations, that organized the surveys, was that student for not only want more educational technology, but also were coming up with ways to earn the moneys for the school being able to equip their classroom with more technologies. This was surprising for teachers, because students not only want the technology but that want to help raise money by doing fundraiser to financially help equip their school. This was show how the important instructional technology degree to our students and children, we need start giving them incentives to raise money for technologies and help the schools to become more masters in education technology .

World wide collaboration has already begun as students communicate with others around the world via email, video conferencing and instant messaging also. Students studying Africa could be teleconferencing with a classroom of children in Botswana.