Today I visit a website on the internet that provides statistic about the internet usage around the world. From the statistic I have read, I found a fact that the total number of internet users around the world is more than two billions. Meanwhile, the total number of human population around the world is about 6,9 billion. Based on this fact, we can conclude that nearly thirty percents of all people the internet are frequent internet users and we can also conclude that two billions is a huge number. Nowadays people need to use internet. Internet is not just a place where we can have conversation with friends or doing certain online social activities, but also a place where we can do so many important things and one example is earning degree online. Nowadays, it is possible to earn any degree online such as earning accelerated nursing programs, earning bachelor in information technology, earning PhD in business administration and many others.

The question is: what is the benefit of earning degree online if we can earn degree through conventional education system i.e. attending classes in land based university? The answer is simple: earning degree online is a perfect solution for those people who just don’t have enough time to attend class in land based university.

For example, a psychologist wants to earn academic title in physical therapy degree but unfortunately he has so many clients for counseling and so he doesn’t have enough time for classes. In this kind of situation, the best solution for the psychologist is to take online degree in physical therapy. If you are interested in earning degree online, make sure that you choose the right college that provides competitive online degree programs. You should also prepare for the cost and time for the online courses.