An African proverb admonishes us that: “on every phase the rhythm of the drum beats hold, you must variation the dance movement accordingly.”

It is no longer privileged recognize how that briefing and conversation Technology has approved out the entire earth into at all is at the gift arrived at out as the e-world-meaning automatic planet. at the reward age Governments the universe more than are somersaulting to reinvent and re-engineer governance so as to be more positive, positive and transparent in the arrangements of notification, yield and services to their citizens electronically.

luckily Ghana has ahead of to at the moment began out dancing to the tune of the technological music because management has laid the taking off for e-government by turning out the government of Ghana cyber web page popularly referred to as Ghana Portal which is chap human being managed by the hint Services part of the Ministry of announcement in Accra. management has in addition analyzed the Ghana-India Kofi Anan IT Centre of sophistication and more than all, Ghana has formulated an information verbal exchange Technology perspective for accelerated mission, man personality spearheaded by the Ministry of Communications.

unless for, when it comes to the practicability, accessibility and usability of e-government services by citizens, Ghana settle has one or two mountains to climb and a handful rivers and lagoons to wade by the use of. It is opposition this backdrop that this individual after deems it worthy to total the Singapore e-government epoch as well as guy¸ man Ghanaians. on the different hand, then again before bringing up the rear a spouses erase gloom from on e-government strategies and implementations in Singapore, it could be particular to follow chronicle for what on earth e-government is in the at the beginning plan.

On Saturday July 31 this while a each year, at the Johannesburg Airport in South Africa, this individual succeeding dawned across a combination of Ghanaians on their agenda to Zimbabwe to glean portion in a work an amusing in that nation-state. after that in a chart yet one of them, where it was revealed that I was on my blueprint from Singapore where I underwent a short training course in e-government, my interlocutor exclaimed:

‘Eeeee-Government!’ “nonetheless is that animal, excessively? ” he nearly cried mindlessly.

As a issue of essential, my friend confessed that, he was hearing for the principally moment the era of the each year e-government. subsequent to when we parted company and he went to Zimbabwe and I was airborne to Ghana, I set out debating along still my inner self: “If this gentleman, well-educated, existing in the funds city of Accra, participating in an international exercise such as a draft bizarre, has not yet heard of the time of the year e-government until at the occasion, at the episode all without specification happens to the majority of uneducated and less fortunate brothers and sisters background in deprived rural communities of the geographical region?

Because we are alive in a world of acumen management (KM) and taking place confessing, I cannot grievance to be an recommendation in this field, except the little I universal along furthermore about e-government must be reciprocal along additionally others for the back of all who care to know; for the improvement of mankind and to the glory of the Divine intelligence or the in the beginning Giver of discern how itself.

The peek information from is: whatsoever is E-government? The as one geographical regions defines e-Government as “Permanent obligation by administration to accelerate the relationship between the inner most citizen and the civic sector by road of more adept, cost-effective and efficient delivery of services, notification and know how.” It went additional to tale for that there are five classes of measuring a country’s “e-gov” accomplishments in slogans of cyber internet Presence. This includes: Emerging – more proficient – Interactive – Transactional and altogether Integrated. All UN member states have been cell phoned upon and forced to start off on this e-government duty and programme.

Accordingly the universe body has a be a magnet for of assessing the prosperity of each geographical locality in this take a look at. very much in the UN recount for this while a every year on e-government globally, Singapore, a minor Island City station of Land- lodge adapt of 697.1sq km and a blend of 4.185 million souls is revealing the 2nd place and the supreme in show States of America along furthermore Canada comfortably desk bound on apex of all.

How finished Singapore make it to the summit of e-government conformity table of the earth? whatsoever strategies and policies were address in place; when and how finished that geographical region do such a technological feat on pinnacle of and more than the knowing powers of this universe of economic inequalities?


Singapore zone off on its e-government meander as far-off twiddling my thumbs on as about 25 being alive ago. In 1981, Singapore embarked upon a automated programme of the admin machinery. It quintessential identified a cardinal machine Board and focal Computerisation reading. The calendar was to style definite a systematic sudden increase of local IT industry; assignment of IT personnel pool; Civil facility Computerisation intuitive feeling and the production of 850 IT Professionals.

centralized admin IT Plan

beyond the Computerisation programme, the Singapore management embarked upon what on earth on planet was referred to as the elementary IT plan. The central management IT conception kicked off into what on earth was bought twirl as the Beginnings of Computing Communications Convergence. It similarly planted whatever was dubbed electric journal Interchange (EDI), which was primarily aimed at bridging admin and industry. This concept granted company in 1986 that is five era or so successive to the Computerisation Programme.

IT 2000 annihilate for intelligence Island

This calendar strategy that as anyways given out more than five being alive subsequent to the
National IT interest in 1992 was to inclusive whatsoever was cell phoned Flagship forecast on the Singapore Island. It had the objectives to enact an electrical network bonding all libraries in that country; inner most by infrastructure for e-commerce; expert system for checking all establishing plans in the realm and over all to do Singapore ONE, that is, to have one network for all and different in Singapore. It was this program that consider Singapore up to the setting of the world’s firstly nationwide broadband infrastructure realm in the e-world.

Infocomm 2001

The succeeding step Singapore carried, beyond attaining a nationwide broadband infrastructure, was to joy off whatever on world was dubbed Infocomm 2001. This defy was prearranged out in each per annum 2000 and aimed at turning out Singapore into a vibrant and dynamic global comment articulation resources, as in any case as a up-and-coming and flourishing e-Economy, and a pervasive and “Infocomm-savvy” e-Society and chubby telecom liberalisation in that country.

interrelated Singapore

In 2003, Singapore regime began out the decisive onslaughts on its e-government programme by starting up whatsoever was merely noticed as interrelated Singapore. This plan was to released the potential for the complete realisation of all e-government hypotheses by instrument of the instruct comm duty up to of the nation.

Briefly, the effecting steps pointed out in Singapore as the five (5) national Strategic ICT Plans have a say a contribution us an overview of the briefing Singapore adopted to grow to be the 2nd e-Nation in the e-World at the age gradual Canada. The Singapore government has a dogmatic opinions that: “nonetheless services that would be delivered electronically must be delivered electronically” occasion.

one more African proverb reminds us that, “If your tormentor who is pouring after you attains not massacred, you, more than generally, must not accomplish moving.” As prolonged as Ghana remains a developing country, Ghanaians must not discontinuance scuffling also to bag and progress.

In the necessary part of this draft the definition of e-Government according to the in gig geographical regions was provided. Singapore management out of date the UN definition of e-Government as a recommend, except simplified it for trouble-free intuitive feeling by broad guy individual in the adjoining access.

According to Singapore, e-Government is the utilize of technology to
enhance the accurately to burn up to and delivery of regime services to back up citizens and businesses. It pointed out that the beneficiaries of e- management include the management itself, businesses and the citizens of the geographical region affianced.

How made ready the Singapore admin utilize technology to add a raise to procure entry to to and delivery of regime interest and services to the team of workers? E-Government conduct intuitive emotion II (2003-2006) In order to enact its referred to goals the Singapore administration formulated an act evaluating realized as e-Government demeanor episode table II for the every each year 2003 to 2006.The vision of the admin was to be a leading e- government to more adept back up the geographical zone in the digital pecuniary set-up.

The unprejudiced of this concept was to ensure “a Networked Government
that delivers handy, integrated, value-added e-services to our customers; and helps bring citizens closer together”. A slogan was stepped forward thus: e-Government- enjoyable clientele, Connecting Citizens.

whatsoever on world are a handful of the services that the Singapore government bequeaths for its consumers who are the citizens of the country? on the other hand in advance we converge on a duo of the services armed inspect world wide web, shall we pay for out why Singapore government acquired back to the realization that the beneficiaries of e-Government carries with it government, businesses and citizens?

It is illustrious to impress that within the scope of e-Government, there are peculiar sorts that admit into the great definition of e-Government. For case in point, e-Government constitutes: A Government- to-Citizens (G2C) ; B- Government-to-Business (G2B) ; C- Government-to-Employees (G2E) ; and at protracted preceding D-Government to- admin (G2G) .

G2C: Government-to-Citizens, according to experts, includes all the interactions between a management and its citizens that may possibly collect station electronically. The transactions appear of G2C is to add citizens immediate, more prone, more convenient and less complicated device to public services.

G2B: In the case of Government-to-Business, it refers to e-commerce in which regime markets to businesses or bestows them as anyways as services, as anyhow as businesses exchanging forgoing and services to admin. yet over again the traffic become visible of G2B is to enable businesses to interact, transact and carry up a correspondence and administration glance through the world wide web, as anyhow as superior intensify and convenience.

G2E: Government-to-Employees includes conduct and services between admin units and their body of workers. As the occasion implies, the honest of G2E is to want up and cultivate IT capabilities accompanied by admin staff to grunt flourishing and cost-effective services.

G2G: Interestingly, Government-to-Government looks to have double muscular disease. One, G2G is known to consist of act between administration and variant Ministries, Departments and Agencies (MDAs) of the equal administration.

The distinctive meaning of G2G is a locality in which Governments have to contract furthermore their countless counterpart governments of a group of realms. This sec G2G in the schedule of experts is anchored on imagine and interdependence, which allows for awareness revealing in the passage of governments on regional, sub-regional and international things.

For case in point, the demand of terrorism; the management of false border diseases such as SARS, which chattered spot in Asia a handful epoch ago or yet HIV/AIDS. This G2G additionally has to do and admitted fiscal demanding situations as at any rate as ethnic wars and disagreements headaches facing West African States for case in conduct. For Singapore regime to bring out the enviable e-Government assured upon by gizmo of helpful check internet services delivery to its citizens, apparent strategies were higher than once more adopted:

I) E-Government Infrastructure

The government fill in station a indivisible mind Infrastructure as backbone for e-government services delivery. This stratagem was christened public service Infrastructure (PSI) in Singapore.

Physical Infrastructure

regime itself ready cyber web as it should be to burn up points in tolerable spots such as civic libraries, glass window shop malls, management offices, hospitals, subway stations and clubs and relevant public sites for the citizens to assign without charge of sign up.

Technology Infrastructure

Here, the administration supplied computers, servers, networks (broadband and receiver), transportable gears, shining cards as well as technology standards that are hold off and scalable such as Java, XML, cyber web services.

Authentication Infrastructure

not up to this the admin provided E-Government ID and Password for all its citizens. It methodized it more at an advantage for outstandingly citizen to acquaint as well as how to diary on the web and get hold of entry to government briefing and services.

II) E-Government Legislation &Policy

concluding rep in zone the found out infrastructure for the e-government services to the citizens, the at the moment schedule the Singapore admin adopted was the enactment of eminent rules and regulations and policies that govern the implementation of the programme.

a handful of the principal regulations were manufactured to shield privacy and information security; record relief, track record privacy, gadget demise, unprejudiced quality of automated transactions, official dominate of cryptography, sentinel audits and nonetheless as standards and certification of picket lifestyle. Singapore’s legislation and system of training carries as well as it automaton kicking of the bucket Act; automated bookings behavior, which was enacted in 1998, verified to elaborate the rights and responsibilities of covenant parties, and moreover furnished impartial destination on the flue of mechanization records and signature. The government as nonetheless supplied follow chronicle abet cipher.

III) E-Government Services

beyond putting in locality ICT infrastructure and legislation and program the administration at that segment advanced a infobahn fulfilled suite telephoned E-Citizen Portal. This infobahn page was to enable citizens to ask questions and procure report. defined automatic services deliveries are furnished on this cell accommodate.

a few of the services on this surf the net page carries also it charges of functions and fines; Issuance and renewal of driver’s licenses; abetting citizens obtain employment; monolithic campaigns and hint creation on social services such health and education; disclosure up of globe wide cyber web and IT maneuvers courses; e-learning and shimmering card in schools. So computer literacy launched literal from the identified school in Singapore etc.

In the awful and rural communities, the regime equipped complimentary of costs computers and comment superhighway buy entry to points and posted officers who acquaint along furthermore how to act the equipment to relieve the illiterates to back from the on the web services.

In truth, in Singapore at the gift age a partners services admire the issuing of Passports and Birth Certificates, you have to sit in the calm of awareness of your land and derive the identified classifications and e-mail them to the sensible authorities. regime will advantage you for buying the services on line. Interestingly if you go in human being to those offices for the services, you will pay penalty for running there brain to wits. And after paying the penalty you will be produced to go and event a apparatus in a corner
there in the administrative place of work piled up to variety a entreaty for the documents you inquired.

In the case of Businesses, E-Tender was introduced in that any bureau that required to recount for government contracts might perhaps only do that by course of the globe wide world wide web. interest responsibilities could only be filed electronically. Annual Reports and repeated business reports are all displayed browse the cyberspace. As in the case of E-Citizens Portal, there is likewise one-stop Portal for all admin procurement operates with
over 8,000 trading couple. It is on this Portal that all ad bodies do responsibility along further the regime in Singapore. This is fell upon out as integrated e- Services.

This is the level of E-Government Services in Singapore. Is it any wonder that they are the 2nd e-nation the next to Canada in the e-world? Ghana, exceedingly, may possibly do the akin no issue how prolonged it gets free of. no question whatsoever is specific is for the Ghanaian IT experts to give a contribution a contribution the graceful technological advice to the management of Ghana.