Why there was a huge demand for Data Recovery in 2014

Data Recovery 2014

Whether it’s corrupt data on a USB stick, hard drive failure or cloud technology, one thing is for sure – 2014 was the year of data recovery. We look at some of the reasons why data recovery was a huge factor in technology over the past year with contributions by UK computer expert Adrian Jean who provides data recovery services in Bristol as well as the surrounding areas.

For more information on data recovery tips see his latest blog:

Top Elements That A Successful E-Commerce Project Can’t Do Without

More often than not, proficient e-commerce resumes to a website featuring a great product, brilliant design and an amazing domain. Without denying that these three factors have an important role to play in the equation, there are still other essential elements that can make or break an e-commerce project, as you are about to find out.

1. A post-launch marketing strategy
In all fairness, nobody can expect an avalanche of orders simply because they provide customers with a new method of acquiring their products. Because potential customers need to find out first, you must identify a method of getting your newly launched e-commerce website to them. To put it simply, to turn your project into a success you should plan for a post-launch strategy.

Although you’re bound to reach many interested users via offline advertising, newsletters, SEO, pay-per-click, etc., you should continue to improve your website. In fact, enhancing your site is an ongoing process that entails continuous testing and tweaking, in accordance to your visitors’ behavior patterns.

2. Optimal product categorization
Even when you don’t have a wide variety of products in your inventory, providing users with a simple and clear route to a product is still essential. In case you do have numerous items, then adding filters or a faceted navigation system becomes mandatory. To make sure you’re offering the best user experience, you have to determine the most important features based on which customers would want to filter what’s on your site. For example, if you’re selling clothes, then you should include filters that permit users to locate their favorite item in accordance to size and color.

On a side note, if you decide not to introduce filters, then your best bet is to refrain from dividing the product range too much. Then, don’t put too many items in a single category, so visitors can actually find them.

3. Ongoing site management
As previously mentioned, managing the e-commerce website is a continuous process. Based on the visitors’ reactions and the sales, you might have to perform modifications such as adding better and clearer descriptions, using higher quality photos or updating the home page. Keeping the content fresh is by far the most challenging task in this sense. However, it is critical for an e-commerce site that wants ongoing customers. Don’t forget that content also keeps search engines ‘interested’, making your website easier to discover.

Maintaining an online shop might not involve the same practices as its brick and walls counterpart. Nevertheless, you simply can’t afford to allocate just 5 minutes of your time per week for this practice either.

4. Timely delivery
According to statistics, one of the most viewed pages of an e-commerce website is the delivery section. Since almost all customers will access it, take the time to provide clear, concise and easy to understand information regarding your delivery policy. In addition to price, you should consider including time estimates and extra options in terms of delivery. For example, you could provide fixed dates, fast-track or in-store reservation services, as they’re all highly convenient and appreciated by modern customers. Lastly, conduct some research about reliable delivery services and refrain from choosing a provider based on pricing alone.

5. Excellent customer service
Although customer service is often overlooked, its importance stems from the fact that it helps you engage visitors and build long-term business relationships. Having a service that is always on, and ready to address questions and issues is what usually assists e-commerce sites in sealing a deal. Regardless of whether you opt for live chat, a ticketing system, use social media or provide quick Outlook access, the idea is the same; don’t forget to inform your staff about the implementation and make them aware of how it fits in with the rest of your operations.

6. Reliable return policy
In addition to excellent customer service, it is recommended to plan on how you’re going to deal with returns, complaints and even credit card fraud. To avoid getting caught off guard the first time it happens, take the time to establish a steadfast strategy regarding how client paperwork should be handled. By organizing the data you send to your customers, you can eliminate a lot of nuisance, and save clients time and money in the long run.

How to Resolve Issues When You Cannot Login To Your Gmail Account

How to Resolve Issues When You Cannot Login To Your Gmail Account

Gmail is an amazing email service and probably the best in the world right now. It is fast, reliable and the email search feature is its crowning achievement. When it works, it simply gets out of your way and helps you get things done. However, when you cannot login due to some reason, it can throw a spanner in the works and turn into a real headache. However, you can systematically find out the problem and resolve the gmail.com login issue with some patience.

Internet connection
Sometimes, you can access the Gmail home page and not be able to login. In this case, when you try to log in, it won’t show an “invalid username or password” message. It will instead give you a 404 message or some internet server error. If that happens to you, it is most likely that your internet connection is very slow:

• If you are on a mobile network, try using a Wi-Fi and check if the issue persists
• If you can get hold of a desktop somewhere, try logging in from that
• The internet connection issue could also be specific to your device, so try from another device

Contacting the ISP or network admin will solve the Gmail login issue for most people. As people increasingly use their 3G mobile networks to access Gmail, spotty network coverage can cause the above problem.

Wrong password
Wrong Password Gmail
It is not uncommon for people to forget the password to their Gmail accounts. This can be a problem because especially for long passwords, because even a single wrong character will lead to login failure. Here is what you can do:

• Type the password slowly, one key at a time, so you can be sure you are typing the characters right.

• Type the password in a text editor, so you can see what you have typed, and copy-paste it on to the Gmail.com password field.

Remember to erase the password you typed in the editor, so you don’t leave it open for others to see. If you know the right password and are just having problems typing them in the right sequence, the above steps will alleviate the issue.

Forgotten password
This is by far the most common cause for Gmail login issues. People forget their passwords, especially when they have to remember dozens for different accounts. If you have truly forgotten your password, use the Google account recovery method. Here is what you can do:

• Click on the forgot password link on the login page
• Enter your email address
• Answer the security question
• If you answer correctly, you will get a code on your phone or a reset link in your alternate email address
• Follow the instructions and enter the new password

If you have trouble remembering passwords for multiple Gmail accounts, consider using a password manager. This type of utility will store your passwords safely and will also make sure that you are using strong ones in the first place. Because they are centrally stored, you do not need to remember them all. Even if you are not a technical expert, you can resolve Gmail login issues within minutes.

Learn Visual Studio from the Experts

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How to find Amazon Coupon and Promo Codes

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